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She’s here!

Jaybird got here in February, and needless to say I’m quite busy. She’s wonderful and very time-consuming!


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This week I interviewed for a new job. Not the paying kind, but the volunteer kind. Since I have settled in to my job, I realized that I often spend weekend sitting in my house recovering from the week. That’s no fun! I need to get out and do something. I volunteer a few different places, mostly on an intermittent basis, and I really love that time. So I thought and thought of where I would like to volunteer, and I decided on Big Brothers Big Sisters. The interview was in-depth, and I am hoping I get a good match. I was surprised to find out that the match can be a boy or a girl; Big Brothers are apparently harder to find, so boys can be matched faster if they are open to a Big Sister. I am so excited! I already have lots of activities planned in my head. Now I just have to wait patiently, it’s the hardest part!

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Over the cube walls

Today at work I overheard a conversation about an athlete who was so badly injured that he was in a hyperbolic chamber.  Indeed.

No bloom day here, folks!  Nary a poinsettia to be found, even.

Happy holidays!

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When will it end?

weather forecast

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Off to Houston

I am off to Houston for work/birding/family stuff. I’m still not packed! Spring migration on the coast is my favorite kind of birding, though this year it will be sad to see all of the Hurricane Ike destruction. I normally go to Galveston, Bolivar, and High Island. This year I believe I’ll stick with High Island, I just can’t not go.

Here is a photo of the Blanton Museum, which has the very awesome Birth of the Cool exhibit right now. I really enjoyed seeing Helen Lundeberg’s paintings; I had never heard of her before. They were very peaceful and calming.

Blanton Museum

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I’m a procrastinator, what can I say. BUT the photos should be rolling in soon, now that I have a working connection from camera to computer.  This week I went to Corpus Christi for a work trip; the first evening, we arrived in time to visit the beach before it got dark.  The ladybugs must be migrating– the beach had piles of dead ladybugs at the high tide line.  It was sad.  A few of them were alive, amazingly. It reminded me of my Nana, who has a real thing for ladybugs.

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The camera situation is a bear.  I need a card-reader now, since my camera driver died with the last computer.  Blech.  I don’t like posting without photos!  Oddly, the Nikon works fine but the Canon does not– and of course I’ve been using the Canon.  I’ll get IT on it (which is to say, BT).  A teaser: there may be a really cute armadillo video posted here in the future, should the Canon get back on track.

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