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Paris-Malta-Rome 2011 Part 4 Rome

I only stayed in Rome for 2 nights, and I think I slept for about 24 hours while I was there. I was zonked. My first trimester was not rough by any standard, but I was so tired. Luckily my main goals in Rome were eating and shopping. I quickly discovered that shopping there is too expensive, so I focused on the eating. I had found a budget hotel near the Campo de Fiori, which was great because there is some amazing food there. The Forno on the square is fine, but the best pizza I had was at Forno Roscioli just east of there. YUM.  I ate there twice.

I did not stray too far from the Campo de Fiori– I did walk up to the Pantheon and even across the Tiber, close to the Vatican. But then I took a taxi back and just stayed in the neighborhood. Which is worthwhile, it’s a great neighborhood.
Rome Campo de Fiori vegetable market

This guy was luring in everyone with that cute puppy, but I really wanted the picture of him and his truck. The wide-angle lens paid off!
Rome Campo de Fiori characters
Another Ape.
Rome Ape 50 tiny truck

The evening in the Campo de Fiori.
Rome Campo de Fiori

And the cat sanctuary, which is also close to Campo de Fiori.
Rome cat sanctuary

I was so glad to get home, but I loved my European adventure. It’s probably my last overseas trip for a while, with the little one on the way. I look forward to telling her when she is older that I took her to Paris, Malta, and Rome when she was just the size of a sesame seed.


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